Important Message to Patients:

For patients in pain and/or have a dental emergency, please contact the office by phone or email:

Pediatric Dentistry and Special Needs Dentistry Available! We are now open Sundays!!

Patients can also contact HealthLink BC by visiting online or by phoning 8-1-1. This 24-hour-a-day service gives you easy access to non-emergency health and dental information and services. You will be able to speak to a registered nurse about your symptoms, get more details about your condition or speak to a pharmacist about your medication questions.

– Please review our Covid19 safety plan here
– Office will be closed: Saturday December 19 – Monday January 4, 2021.
–  We are now open on Sundays!
–  Inquire about our Pediatric and Special Needs Clinic!

NOTE: We are closed on all statutory holidays.

Our dental services are available to everyone, and we do not have a catchment area. Please call our receptionist at 604-873-3602 to book an appointment. Allow at least 1 day wait for an appointment. Emergencies are always considered at time of call. We always accept new patients and are appreciative for all your referrals.

We accept most private and all government insurance plans including:

  • Healthy Kids

    Dependent children under 19 years of age, in families approved for premium assistance by the Medical Services Plan (MSP) through the Ministry of Health, are automatically registered with the Healthy Kids Program. Children are eligible for $2000 of basic dental services every two years.
  • Income Assistance

    All income assistance clients and individuals receiving hardship assistance are eligible for emergency dental services to relieve pain.
  • Disability

    Persons with disabilities and persons with persistent multiple barriers have a maximum coverage limit of $1000 over two calendar years. This limit applies to persons with disabilities and their spouses, persons with persistent multiple barriers, and seniors over 65 with enhanced medical coverage.
  • First Nations Health Benefits

    First Nations people who are status may have up to 100% coverage on some procedures.
  • Interim Federal Health – Coverage for Refugees

    A maximum coverage of $400 exists during the patient’s eligibility period for emergency dental services.
  • Uninsured Patients

    The clinic provides clients with no coverage a 10% discount on most procedures, based on the current year fee guide.


The BC Dental Association (BCDA) produces an Annual Suggested Fee Guide for Dental Treatment Services, effective February 1st of each year. For those without dental insurance, we provide a 10% discount.

Appointment Cancellations

Mid-Main requires at least 48 hours notice for cancellations in our dental department. Failure to notify by this deadline or a no-show requires a $25 fine that must be paid before booking your next appointment.