Staff and Board

Staff and Board

Medical Department

Dr. Lisa Howard

Dr. Lisa Howard joined the Mid-Main team in April 2015 and has been practicing medicine since 2013. She previously graduated at the University of Victoria and the University of British Columbia and enjoys family and pediatric medicine. Dr. Howard also has a special interest in sports medicine and in mental health & addictions. In her spare time, Dr. Howard is an avid cyclist, and she has also run a marathon.

Dr. Sanja Karalic

Dr. Sanja Karalic joined the Mid-Main team in 2015 and has been practicing since 2007. She graduated from UBC and has worked & trained in a variety of locations, such as rural BC and NWT, and more exotic areas, such as Vanuatu and Cuba. Her professional interests include immigrant and refugee health, travel medicine and international health, and applying genetics in family medicine, as she also has a Master’s degree in Medical Genetics. Dr. Karalic can speak Serbo-Croatian and Spanish, and she is married with 2 small boys who keep her very busy.

Dr. Vesna Kovacevic

A UBC Medicine graduate, Dr. Vesna Kovacevic has been with Mid-Main since September 2016, but has been in practice since 2004. Dr. Kovacevic has previously had her own practice in the Cariboo Regional District for 4 years, where she also worked in the Emergency Department. She enjoys all aspects of family practice, but has a special interest in the fields of women’s health and palliative care.

Dr. Lise Loubert

Dr. Lise Loubert graduated from the University of Ottawa in 1988 and has been working at Mid-Main since 1991. Dr. Loubert is especially interested in mind and body health connections, and also enjoys working with refugees and new Canadians at the Bridge Clinic, where has worked since 1991.

Dr. Dave McKnight

Dr. Dave McKnight graduated from the UBC/St.Paul’s Hospital Program in 2001 and holds a Master’s of Science degree in Muscle Physiology from York University. With medical interests in sports medicine, addictions and psychiatry, Dr. Dave McKnight has been practicing at Mid-Main since 2001. He is an avid hockey player since the age of 4, and was previously on the varsity and track field team at SFU. However, his most important role in his life is being the father to 4 boys.

Dr. Sue Turgeon

Dr. Sue Turgeon graduated from McMaster University’s Medical School in 1984 and has been practicing at Mid-Main since its inception, in 1988. Dr. Turgeon enjoys family medicine, but is especially interested in geriatrics, palliative care, and chronic illness management, all areas of medicine that she practices at Mid-Main.

Susan Troesch

Clinical Pharmacist

Before joining the Mid-Main team in a volunteer capacity in 1999, Susan Troesch had practiced as a dispensing pharmacist for 25 years. She is passionate about fostering interdiscliplinary care for Canadians, and is amongst some of the first pharmacists in Canada to practice in a primary care physician group. As a clinical instructor for her alma mater, the UBC Faculty of Pharmacy, she has interests in many areas, such as wellness, medication management, geriatrics, smoking cessation, chronic disease management, anticoagulation support, and diabetes education.

Suzanne Liu

Nurse Practitioner

Our nurse practitioner, Suzanne Liu, has been with Mid-Main since the summer of 2018. She obtained her BSc in Biology at the University of British Columbia, her BScN at BC Institute of Technology, and her Master’s at the University of Northern British Columbia. Prior to joining Mid-Main, Suzanne practiced for 2 years at the Jim Pattison Outpatient Centre in Surrey. She thoroughly enjoys general Family Practice due to the variety of patients she meets and has a special interest in pediatrics, as she has previously worked in pediatric oncology.

Jacqueline Vapenik

Nurse Practitioner

Jacqueline Vapenik received her Masters of Nursing from Athabasca University in 2012, and has been with Mid-Main since October of the same year. In addition to practicing at Mid-Main, Jacqueline also teaches with the faculty of health sciences at Douglas College and continues to practice in critical care. She enjoys travelling, hiking, fishing and running in the outdoors, and also conducting research on immunology in the biology lab at Douglas College.

Sara Tung

Registered Nurse

Sara Tung obtained both her BSc in Nursing and her Master’s in Nursing Education at UBC. After practicing many years as a Registered Nurse, Sara joined the Mid-Main team in June 2018. Sara has professional knowledge and interest in the fields of gerontology, health education and children and autism, and is happy to be able to apply her experience at Mid-Main.


Dr. Mario Brondani

Dr. Mario Brondani working partner of Mid-Main, and he graduated from the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul in Porto Alegre, Brazil and has been practicing since 1994. Prompted by an interest that developed after volunteering at a long-term care facility in 1999, Dr. Brondani also persued an Master’s of Science in Gerontology, a Ph.D. in Dental Sciences (Geriatrics) and a Master of Public Health degree. The only dentist in his family, Dr. Brondani also teaches full-time at UBC, and has been involved with Mid-Main since 2008, a place that he enjoys because of our roots in the community.

Dr. Nina Lee

Dr. Nina Lee joined Mid-Main Community Health Centre in July 2014, shortly after moving to Vancouver. Dr. Lee graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2012 and worked in a variety of settings, such as Winnipeg and rural Manitoba, before moving to the West Coast.

Dr. Ron Melnyk

Dr. Ron Melnyk joined Mid-Main in 2015 and he graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 1979. He practiced for seven years in Midland, Ontario before relocating to Vancouver in 1986. Dr. Melnyk has continued his education in the specialties of temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics, the latter of which he has completed over 1500 cases. He continues to attend F.O.R.C.E. study group sessions to maintain and advance his knowledge in orthodontics.

Dr. Emerson Milla

With a love of science that was inspired by ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’, Dr. Emerson Milla pursued dentistry and graduated from Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Milla has been at Mid-Main since May 2016 and has a keen interest in understanding the newest techniques and technologies, knowing that this knowledge assists in providing the most comprehensive and best treatment options for patients and their needs. Dr. Milla has also previously done research with viral vaccines for 3 years and was a high school teacher for over a year before deciding that dentistry would allow him to fulfill his scientific curiosity while contributing positively in the community. In the future, he plans to teach in order to pass on what he’s learned to the next generation of dentists.

Dental Hygienists

Anita Sandhu

Anita Sandhu joined Mid-Main’s hygiene team in 2011, after graduating from Vancouver College of Dental Hygiene in May 2009. Anita enjoys educating patients, especially concerning preventative care, and finds that a rewarding aspect of her job is helping patients overcome their dental phobias. In her spare time, she partakes in yoga, dance and running to stay fit.

Allison Mumford

Allison Mumford received her training at the Vancouver College of Dental Hygiene and has been practicing since 2009. She joined the Mid-Main team in September of 2017, partly due to her interest in community health and helping those in need. Additionally, Allison enjoys working in the field of Cosmetic Dentistry and helping people love smiling again.

Jessica Newman

Jessica has been part of the team at Mid-Main since August 2017, but has been practicing in the last 15 years in the field of dentistry. She began her career as a Certified Dental Assistant and graduated from the Dental Hygiene program at Vancouver Community College in the summer of 2017. She has a passion for dental education and believes that equipping patients with tools to enhance their dental IQ will increase and benefit home oral care.