About Mid-Main

Our Philosophy

We are a non-profit society committed to helping you maintain and improve your health. Because good health involves many factors, we provide a range of services in one building that emphasize health education and illness prevention. At Mid-Main, we believe that healthy people make healthy communities. In building a better future, we are guided by the following beliefs:
  • People who use our health services should help decide what our services will be and how they will be offered in the community. We will ensure that community input helps shape our vision and goals.
  • Social and economic factors can profoundly affect the health of the people we serve. We will coordinate our services with other agencies to provide optimum care for high needs and high risk clients.
  • Health care services should be based on evidence and best practice. We will promote a healthy work environment for our staff so that they in turn can deliver appropriate high quality care to our clients.
  • Health care services are only part of healthy communities. We are committed to being financially responsible to ensure that our services are used effectively and efficiently.

Our History

Mid-Main started in 1986 from an idea that envisioned a collection of Community Health Centres in the Lower Mainland. These health centres would share resources in offering multi-disciplinary health services under one roof, and in doing so, offer an alternative to private practice in medical and dental care. The Mid-Main area was chosen due to the need for increased health services in the neighbourhood. In 1987, Pat Archibald spearheaded development of the new Community Health Centre and began by gathering a volunteer Board of Directors and hiring staff. Mid-Main Community Health Centre officially opened on June 22, 1988.